Other Possible Explanations

While doing further research into Qray bracelet I have found that I am definitely not the only skeptic. Many questions have been brought up that makes Qray look even more phoney. Skeptics all over are asking for further clarification that the company is just not able to give.

-No such thing as ionized objects

-Body cannot have imbalanced ions

-Sciences found no difference in the results of a Qray bracelet and a placebo while conducting a 28 day study)

-Claims to be made of rare earth metals. Bracelet is made of neodymium which happens to be not rare at all and is known for being cheap, light and strong.

The scientists everywhere are really questioning how the bracelet works. Qray claims that “it is the worlds only ionized bracelet of its kind balancing out your ying and yang (positive & negative ions)”. The biggest question is, since when did ying and yang become ions? The thing that should raise the biggest amount of concern to customers is that ions exist in solutions in the human body, not objects. This means, unfortunately for Qray, that solid objects  like bracelets cannot be ionized. Also as far as research shows, there is no such thing as ionic imbalances in the human body.

Where is Qray now ? The bilkers of Qray have actually filed for bankruptcy. However, this hasn’t put a stop of the selling of the bracelets. Their website today makes no mention on the properties of the healing powers the bracelet used to claim to have, yet mentions the comfort of the bracelet and how it “naturally fits around your wrist”.

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